MAP Keepers was created in honor of the late Michael Anthony Patrick Sr. who dedicated more than 16 years of service to the United States Army, serving first in the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm from December 1990 until May 1991. He received 23 various medals and retired as a staff sergeant in July 1995. He continued to be of service to his family, community and church until his passing on December 27, 2006.

MAP Keepers Day is hosted on November 7th. Each year, we make it our mission to inform the community of what our veterans and armed forces experience. We recognize the true essence that stand in the gap for our right to breathe freely. It is our goal to acknowledge every sacrifice and step towards a greater future.

The Compass of the MAP


MAP Keepers Day honors those who traveled the MAP for our right to breathe freely. 

  • We unite with artist who want to thank our veterans and armed forces for their services.

  • We offer our youth and local schools the opportunity  to understand the sacrifices our military experiences.

  • We connect with national museums and galleries that are interested in changing the narrative.

  • We connect with our veterans and armed forces to ignite positive outlets towards healing.

iN Honoring our

MAP Keepers

Bringing Awareness to November 7th every day Across the Globe

The Footsteps

As a MAP keepsake, iMiTs Art takes the initiative to connect the community with the true steps of a soldier. We believe that every step they tread on the map was a sacrifice they had to take in order to protect our freedom. We honor their steps through designing boots that express our gratitude. 


From a heart whose father traveled the MAP

The families who watch their love one's boots step into war. The soldiers who goes out in hopes of returning. The eyes that see the unforgettable. These are who I speak up for today. These are the lives that help me speak loud and clear to breathe yet another day. It is in the hands of others that I am able to be the truth that speaks today. I am powerful beyond measures and I am ready to live out my greatness. I speak in light of my experience and connection with those who served. This is the time to set the standard and inform our community. 

We wake up to our loved ones who went to war and live a life many could not withstand. I was raised by two combat soldiers who retired with honorable discharge with 20 years under their belt. They served together in desert storm and to this day I am grateful for the commitment to succeed that was planted in me from birth. I laid my father to rest about over 12 years ago and it never gets easier to know such a great soldier was called home and fulfilled his duty on earth. 

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