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Declare your Vision Of Truth



It is our mission to empower artist to build a greater business foundation around their art. Our passion is to work with artist and creative entrepreneurs.


As an artist, you have more control over your small business today than ever before. You can choose from a variety of marketplaces and different business models. Therefore, it’s important to understand your options, and which ones are most appropriate for you. With that in mind, I’ll share insights on thinking like an entrepreneur, understanding the industry, and pursuing goals with purpose. We’ll work together to help realize the vision you have for your own small business. 


During the consultation process, we may focus on big picture planning, or get into the details of marketing and sales strategies that are right for you. Our conversations may range from developing your body of work, to pricing, production, understanding specific markets and how business is done.

Explore the art around the beautiful City of Houston.


Discover Your Audience

The Museum District is Houston’s cultural heart, with venues exploring subjects ranging from natural science to the African-American experience.


Accomplish your goals.

There’s a lot to see in the Houston Museum District – and much of it’s free! Discover what’s new and plan your visit today!


You can discover many resources and assistance that can help establish your vision.


Video Promos

Artist Statement Writing Services

Business Cards

It’s time to reach people on the platforms they’re already using to sell your brand. Let us create short videos with lasting impact. Allow people to see what you've got to offer.

Artist statements that share your artistic vision and philosophy invite the viewer or collector to join you on your journey. 

Handing out a business card is often the first impression people take of your business. Using your own photography or artwork to create custom business cards can be a game changer.

Brand Awareness 

Art Website Review

iMiTs Art offers artists the opportunity for a complete website review and evaluation. Allow us to offer a detailed report of suggestions and insight that will help improve your message and attract your ideal audience.  

We create experiences that transform brands and grows businesses. We have enriched some of the biggest brands and our partnerships with them have caused the creation of some outstanding outcomes. As design planners, we bridge the gap between planning and execution. Give us the charge- and we'll align your goals with the needs of your customers- creating charming and excellent brand.



A creative design agency with a sole purpose to develop exclusive things for our beloved clients. We believe in building meaningful and long-term relationships with our clients and their brands through our creative designs, web development and engaging software solutions.

We're a team of thinkers, coders, developers, designers, and go getters. Tell us your problem we'll fix it with full attention and dedication.

The Festival Grant Program provides support of up to $10,000 to fund arts festivals or art components of cultural festivals.

Artist Portfolio

The Support for Organizations Grant Program supports arts and cultural activities through two different funding categories, Support for Organizations I and Support for Organizations II. Support for Organizations I provides operational funds for arts-focused organizations who pay professional artist fees. Support for Organizations II provides operational funds for arts-focused organizations that do not pay professional artist fees or non-arts organizations that operate a specific arts program.


Someone who knows about business as well as art, to help you through the confusion and questions that you will have. As a creative individual, you don’t want to waste a lot of energy bogged down in learning “the hard way” about the practical side of the business.

Mentors are especially useful because they interact with you and are able to give specific advice for your particular situation.  They provide practical guidance and also moral support.