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Cathartic Art
 for Veterans

An approach to art that I tend to gravitate towards is art as a means of self expression, particularly work that contends with an artist's deepest and darkest emotions.

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It is our goal as iMiT’s Art team to connect with fellow veterans on a therapeutic level to promotes a healthy healing process in resolving internal conflicts and distress.

iMits Art promotes art classes at no cost to our veterans.  Our mission is to give veterans new hope, offer them our support, friendship and additionally give them an outlet to express themselves. Art is proven to be therapeutic for the mind body and soul.

The arts have long provided an emotional context for the human experience. Now, research is demonstrating that creative expression also contributes to better health and wellbeing.  People from all walks of life and every corner of the planet are expressing themselves through the arts—musical, performance, visual, writing, culinary—and discovering how it reduces the physical and emotional burden associated with various types of health conditions and life circumstances.

Join us as we:

  • Explore the relationship between health and creative expression through scientific research

  • Empower individuals through innovative programs and tools

  • Engage our community through shared stories of “art and healing”

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The iMiT’s Art organization aims towards inspiring organizations and individuals to realize their full potential through a variety of techniques designed to facilitate self-empowerment. 

The purpose of the Empowerment Workshop is to support you in creating your life as you most want it.

Do you have a Vision for your Dream Life, and get stuck between the dreaming and the doing?

Are you in Transition and want to know What's Next?

Do you long to make a Deeper Contribution with your work?

Are you living Life by Default, when you want to live your Life by Design?

Are you doing all the "right" practices yet wondering why you aren't Gaining Traction?

Do you Have It All, but feel Something is Missing?

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, as I help you envision and map out your dreams and goals!

During the Goal Setting & Empowerment Workshop, I’ll guide you in setting your intentions for each area of your life. Together we’ll explore strategies, exercises & tools to outline, and help accomplish your dreams. Next you’ll design a Vision Board with pictures, phrases and words that reflects your goals.

Give Yourself Half a Day

to TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND and GET ALIGNED during this Transformational 

Dream Maker Visioning Workshop!

Are you Ready to be the Maker of Your Dreams?


The BEAUTIFY OUR COMMUNITY initiative helps stabilize, preserve, and revitalize urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Our team is interested in expanding community unification and rebuilding connections between local businesses and artist alike. 

Beautify Our Community initiative envisions a country where every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. This is why we do what we do, and why we look to committed people like you for participation in our activities and support for our programs. We all benefit from living in better, more beautiful places.

Lasting, positive impact starts with you. Volunteerism is at the heart of campaign. 

Beautify Our Community initiative multiplies the impact of our actions by initiating diverse partnerships with a wide array of community stakeholders.

Through our programs and public-private partnerships, we help to strengthen communities. Beautify Our Community initiative works with corporations, government and civic entities, educational institutions, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on both a local and national scale. Our partners contribute more than financial support — they contribute ideas, in-kind support, and the time and power of volunteers — all to help us empower stronger communities. Each and every day, Beautify Our Community initiative helps turn public spaces into beautiful places, helping to drive positive social, environmental and economic change.  By working together, we can be successful in improving our communities.


It is our mission to unite the community, business owners and artist networking capability.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective method of advertising for most businesses. Professional business networking is one of the most powerful ways to create word of mouth advertising, especially if your clients are other businesses. Joining professional organizations, lead exchange groups, and community service organizations could be just what you need to take your sales to the next level. Let iMits Art become part of your word of mouth marketing strategy.